Couch to Quantified 5K Concept – What is it?

What is the Couch to Quantified 5K?

…Run, Quantify, Hack…

July welcomes the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) back to Portland for its 14th year. OSCON is well known to the open source community as the world’s premier event that focuses on the people, technologies and community that comprise the present state and future of open source technology movement. O’Reilly’s goal is “Changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators”. This year OSCON will host a 5K race on Tuesday, July 17th, the Couch to Quantifed 5K, to offer a fun and challenging activity to inspire healthy activity amongst the conference-goers, as well as offer a competition that challenges their intellect and technical skills. The hope is that the Couch to Quantified 5K is  the spark that ignites a burning passion for improving their health as well as pushing their coding skills.

Couch to Quantified 5K embraces the NoSQL community too! Judges for the hack-a-thon will be drawn from a panel of experts present for OSCON’s Health IT track, and led by experts in “big data” and the quantified self movement.

The Couch to Quantified 5K may be the spark that ignites your interest in the current transformation of the US healthcare system. It may also spark an interest in a healthier lifestyle, or encouraging others. Couch to Quantified 5K hopes to energize the innovative OSCON community, and provide an experience where “hacking health” can be seen as both fun and rewarding. Finally, we’re offering a path and inspiration to a place where one can change their lifestyle and embrace physical activity.