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The OSCON 5K/Couch to Quantified 5k
Portland, Oregon, July 17, 2012

What you might consider:

  • In conjunction with OSCON ’12
  • Open Source or off the shelf hardware
  • Bring your continuous monitoring solutions
  • Post-race Hackathon being planned for Saturday, July 21st.
  • The delight that exciting outcomes may happen and you were “there”!

The 5K run, open exclusively to the first 300 conference attendees, kicks off an opportunity to bring your athletic chops to OSCON, and seeks to also achieve the goal of engaging members of the OSCON community who are not already engaged in exercise activity.

Through some of the most scenic and emblematic sites of Portland, athletes will be taken through a course landscape that showcases the city at its finest. This city loop is perfect for the athlete just starting out their athletic approach or challenging enough for the seasoned runners. With only 300 athletes on the course, sponsored hydration and medical/tech checkpoints, friendly race staff, and varied course scenery, this race will truly illuminate the best of what Portland has to offer.

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OSCON Couch to Quantified 5K Route Map

OSCON 2012 Route Map