Couch to Quantified 5K Day at OSCON!!!

Well the Couch to Quatified 5K is today kicking off the official start to OSCON and there are close to 200 people registered from 16 different countries. Be sure to register for a truly unique conference experience that will run through some of the most scenic areas of Portland.

Behavior change through quantifying. First day at OSCON has been insightful as I’ve been able to get some tips with Fred Trotter (@fredtrotter) who will speaking on “Hacking Yourself: Hardcore Behavior Change” on Wednesday as well as running in the 5K today at 6:45 PM just outside the convention center.

Like me, Fred has a deep interest in how behavioral economics can be applied to health care. Fred will be talking about his new app, Run Or Else which seeks to apply the lessons of behavioral economics to improve better health, creating incentives to get people to change their behavior and establish goals and have real financial consequences in the form of a donation to charity. In addition, to Fred is building a RunKeeper and FitBit data aggregation application that is currently in alpha that will serve to aggregate information from runners who share their RunKeeper data. More to come on that.

If you’re coming to the 5K today, bring any device you can to measure your run and we’ll offer the opportunity to share your data with the OSCON community. I’ll be taking my Android Nexus S and experimenting with RunKeeper although I’ve been using RunDouble for my c25k training program up to now. I’m using RunKeeper for the run today because it’s alittle easier to integrate and collect the race data for the hackathon that will take place on Saturday. We’ll send out links to the aggregation app and ask permission to take data from this day and will take data just from this one day. All participants will receive instructions and will have access to the data

My training and progress: I just finished week 4 of the RunDouble c25k training program in preparation, so I’ll be jumping the gun a little on going to the 5k right away. I’m up to 3 5-minute intervals and I’m only half way through the 9-week program. example of a training run I did yesterday is available. If I’m not up to running the whole 5K today, that’s OK, running or walking is AOK. I’ll see how I feel and let my body dictate how much I run or walk. There was a “fitness geek” table at the OSCON lunch yesterday and there were a few folks there that were essentially in the same boat as I’m in, so it looks like it will be a great event for all levels of runners or walkers.

I’d like to finish in 40 minutes or less, which would be a HUGE accomplishment for someone who never thought they’d be able to run more than 100 yards again.

My complete workout now takes about 35 minutes and I’ve been run-walking a total of about 2.25 miles. I’ve had to work through a bit of pain in my left knee and right ankle, but I ran yesterday and felt great with minimal pain. I feel a bit like a marathoner who trains doing 15-mile runs for the 26-mile event running a running a little over 2 miles for a 3+ mile race, but that also makes it exciting just to see what will happen. On Sunday, I felt like I might have been able to run or jog an entire 5K, but you just never know what will happen. I have a feeling this 5K will feel like a marathon for me, but I’m excited just to see what happens

Another part of the excitement and the fun is having been on some great run-walks over the last 4 weeks in Colorado and Bermuda during some vacation time with family, great places to run. Now running through some of the more scenic areas of Portland will be a treat and one of the best things about being able run again: you can do it while sightseeing.


Here’s what part of the route of the OSCON c2q5k looked like last night.


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